Mother’s Day Gift Guide

By Amanda Garrigus

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Moms all over the country can look forward to poorly prepared breakfasts delivered in a forced bed rest situation and perhaps a cleaning solution disguised as a gift.

I’ll never forget the year my dad, three sisters and I proudly presented our mom with a mop on Mother’s Day. Suffice it to say, this was a powerful teaching moment for all involved parties.

Since then, I too I have been at the receiving end of a few unknowingly borderline anti-feminist gifts. A few hot pot holders here, “Aren’t they pretty?”, and a few dishtowels there, “Yes, so lovely. Um, thank you,” and a mom gets a little frustrated. It’s not that I don’t love a pretty linen tea towel, it’s just that I don’t want it on Mother’s Day. It’s the gift that says, “We love you so much, and want you to better enjoy your experience washing our dishes.”

The following gift guide will help you navigate the Mother’s Day minefield and emerge unscathed, and maybe a little enlightened. If you’re lucky, the mom in your life will richly reward your thoughtfulness by doing your laundry and making you dinner. We kid. Here is a “sure to be a hit” selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

The first thing to know, before you start shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, is your mom. What does she like? What is she like? Does she enjoy curling up with a good book? Get her one! Does she dive head first into adventure? Gift her a day of indoor rock climbing so she can express her fierce inner goddess. Does she love to cook? Ok, here’s where things get tricky. If you’re going to buy your mom something kitchen-related, make sure it’s something that doesn’t scream, “work!”, like the aforementioned mop and dishtowels.

One of the best gifts I ever received was a juicer. I have used that thing every single day since I opened the box more than two years ago. Here’s why it’s so great: I make juice for one. Sometimes I’ll make enough for two, and my husband will benefit. But really, this beautiful appliance is all about me, and my self care. It was the perfect gift.

Breville Juicer

While we’re in the kitchen, another amazing option, say, for the mom who loves a good smoothie — guilty as charged — is a Vitamix blender. A few years ago, I received one as a gift and it was awesome! There was a moment when it seemed the hubby and kids thought I’d use it to make them meals, but ha, I fooled them. Its primary function in our house is to blend delicious, vegan protein shakes, for moi.

Vitamix 5200 Standard Blender

Now let’s step out of the kitchen, because, let’s face it, too many moms are tired of spending too many hours in there. But you know what most moms never tire of? Their cell phones. Does she need a new one? If your budget permits, let me recommend surprising mom with an iPhone XR. This will blow her mind and allow her to install the upgraded Life 360 app (, so she can continue to track your every move. Am I right ladies?

iPhone XR

Massages are never a bad idea, unless you have the same mom as me, and, if you do, I think we should make plans to meet. My mom would rather scour a cast iron skillet that’s fried pork chops than be subjected to a massage. But, if your mom loves her spa time, then think about treating her to an at-home massage with the amazing therapists at Zeel (

Food is also a list-topper, and, at the risk of propagating stereotypes, chocolate anything is a sure-fire win. Sometimes a simple box of chocolates, and the time to eat them in peace, ideally in conjunction with a Netflix binge, is the just the thing.

Vosges Red Box of Chocolates

I love the idea of giving mom a day off from household duties. But you know what’s better? Agreeing to a more equitable division of the required labor. Present mom with a plan of action that will give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the smooth running of your home sweet home, then seal the deal with a promissory ring she’ll want to wear every day.

David Yurman 18K Gold Ring

Want to stick your neck out and get mom some clothes for Mother’s Day? We applaud your bravery. It’s not easy to choose something she’ll love. It will require paying attention. We moms are savvy when it comes to subliminal, and not-so-subliminal messaging, so, stay alert. Has she been talking about how much she could use a new tote, and how pretty this one circled in the magazine left open on the kitchen table is? Get it for her. Mom not messaging clearly? We bet she’ll love this option from Chloé. It’s classic, chic as you wanna be, and will last generations. Read: you may have your chance at it one day.

Chloé Marcie Mini Bag

If you’re a mom reading this article, don’t be afraid to copy the link and share it with any concerned parties. This is your day after all, and you should enjoy every minute of it. Happy Mother’s Day!