Gearing Up for the 4th of July

By Amanda Garrigus

There’s more to decorating for your 4th of July BBQ than just displaying the Star-Spangled Banner. All it takes is a quick google search to uncover hundreds of patriotic trinkets, ready to grace your festive table. But the deluge of banners, flags and what-nots can feel overwhelming. We’ve spared you the trouble of scrolling endlessly through the Internet abyss and curated a list of designer-approved ideas to help get you, and your guests, in the mood to ‘cue. You’ll surely win the day by keeping your decor red, white and blue and your budget in the black.

Martha Stewart, the reigning queen of crafty entertaining, inspired us with her use of hanging tissue fans as stand-ins for fireworks. The key is to use a lot of them to create the feeling of abundance. Hang them from trees or trellises, or, if none of the are readily available, tape them to doors and tables.

Actor, producer, queen of the book club, and all-American sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon, is famous for her 4th of July parties. Each year she brings her friends together for a celebration full of patriotic paraphernalia and national pride. Take a cue from her 2018 table decor and scoop a few cloth flags and a bunch of glass mason jars (the better to reuse next year), from Target. Place two flags in each jar and voila, easy centerpieces that your guests can pick up and wave as the spirit moves them.

Speaking of celebrities who are known for their patriotism, or at least their love of July 4th parties, Taylor Swift has thrown some of the most legendary Independence Day bashes since the advent of Instagram. From the woman whose friend group epitomized “squad goals,” came a beach-side party complete with thematic swimsuits and towels to match. But you don’t have to have a luxury waterfront property to throw down with a few patriotic blue and red striped beach towels. Grassy lawns with views of the night sky will also benefit from this versatile, outdoor staple.

In keeping with the functional decor theme, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen peppered their cactus garden with tall stars and stripes hats. Guests no doubt took caution before trying to wear one of the festive toppers. Find them here.

When it’s all said and done, take a cue from Kristen Bell and her hubby, Dax Shepherd, and get into a pair of cozy patriotic PJs. Thank you, Target. These will do very nicely.

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